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tv   News  ABC  September 27, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: firefighters are still on the scene after a massive fire yesterday in northwest baltimore. i am sherrie johnson and i will have the latest on the investigation coming up. the jackpot for the lotly gets your attention. how state is hoping something else will do it as well. we will tell you about a new campaign at that will be visible next to your lotto information. and today jurors will begin hearing opening statements in the first witnesses in the trial of michael jackson's doctor charge in the popeye con's death. we will give you a preview of what's expected today. it's tuesday september 27th. good morning i am charley crowson. let's get to it with a check of the forecast for the midweek and say hello, to justin berk. >> good morning to you charley. at 5:30 we are check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar and watching the one shower that looks like it
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is happening outside of finksburg and crossing 140 as we speak. westminster missed out on this one. and we have what few spotty showers in howard county, most of the action is further to the west. let's go back out one more time. there we go. and you can see a lot of the stuff around frederick a lot of action here along route 70 back towards hagerstown. overall, temperatures, fairly uniformed. frederick and hagerstown at 69. edgemere at 69 and currently 70 in annapolis. we don't want to leave you out of the eastern shore you are dry in centerville. showers and storms a little more widespread today. we will talk about that -- we will talk about that next. tanya has a look at traffic. west -- >> reporter: west belvedere reports of a fire so watch out for emergency vehicles. let's look at the live traffic cameras and see how things are moving along on the beltway, outer loop is has more volume at frederick road. inner loop light traffic. 95 north of white marsh boulevard, our southbound traffic to the left of the
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screen is what is heavier now. no issues reported northbound which is pretty light. 295 southbound to 198 a broken down car. drive times are doing fine. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minutes. and 6 minutes 95 southbound from white marsh to the beltway and outer loop 6 minutes between bel air and providence and 7 minutes between 795 and 70. flames erupted and smoke billowed from the belvedere tire company and ashy cloud covered the skyline. we brought this to you last night as breaking news on abc2. now the smoke is cleared and the shop is destroyed and the cause remains unknown. sherrie johnson joins us live for the continuing investigation and sherrie, fire crews are on the scene direct? >> reporter: yes, charley. this fire broke out around 4 and some of the firefighters havebeen here ever since. they are still here working on this. the fire has basically for most part been put out but there are several hot spots here and that's what they are working on
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here. basically there, was a partial building collapse. so firefighters are pumping water into the second floor area where there are still some pockets of fire and they are putting out the hot spots on the second floor. i got to tell you yesterday, the flames were something to see and the smoke could be seen across the area so thick that it covered the skyline. shop in the 4100 block of west belvedere avenue is destroyed. ed two story brick building was full -- the two story brick building was fully involved when crews arrived. a gas station that is next door to the shop it was not affected by the flames. but, more than a dozen employees are without work this morning at this tire company since the company burned down. and a family of the shop owners they stayed on the scene throughout the whole ordeal. >> cried, and prayed. and i prayed and cried and prayed and i ride.
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if it's your livelihood you lose a lot. >> reporter: one person is being treated for burns on his hand and investigators hope that he can offer some type of insight on how this fire may have started. but once again, firefighters are on the scene at this hour working on the hot spots. they have a lot of tubes out here and hoses trying to pump water into the specific area on the second floor. reporting live here in northwest baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news around the nation this video shows a brutal fight at a florida high school. you can see a student in a red shirt pummeling another teen in the head. victim gets away and a deputy steps in. but the student starts to beat up the officerch the incident happened back in august. but officials just released this video and deputies used to care stun guns on campus and now the digits trek says they might -- district says they might start doing it again. a harrowing ordeal for a hiker that got stuck on the side of a cliff and was rescued
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by chopper. during the rock climbing adventure, the climb was more dangerous than she thought. after scaling about 40 feet down, the nearly vertical cliff the female hiker decide against going further and waited two hours for rescuers. the hiker suffered multiple minor injuries but is expected to have a full recovery. once again, where the buffalo roam. thousands came to watch the stampede of 1200 bison kicking off the 46th annual buffalo roundup in south dakota. more than 14,000 people came to watch the crews corral the herd. dos of workers moved -- dozens of workers moved quickly to rowed up the animals. 200 buffalo will be sold for live auction in november. 5:35. tense moments on the highway brought traffic to a standstill. not because of an accident, but because drivers were trying to help the guy get off the road
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safely. and and a bake off after a campus organization hold a controversial sale to send a message. and another group plans to counter with a message of their own. we will explain in a bit. you are watching, good morning maryland" bringing you latest news, weather and traffic on a tuesday morning. ñwñ[=
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now "good morning maryland ." the video may make you cringe but we will tell you off the bat the story has a happyending. traffic came to a stop in portland oregon because the dog was on the run. look and you can see the dog running in and out of traffic along the freewaych the cars are at a standstill. it happened during rush hour and you can see driver running around trying to catch the dog. someone caught the pup near a high school and returned it to its owner. justin we have video of this and apparently this dog brought everything in portland to a standstill for a while. >> i am yep priesed and he is going the -- impreased and he is going against the -- impressed and he is going against the flow of traffic. that side of the road look like it's working out. speaking of something sweet, and it's a nice sweetening the
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darlington apple festival and nearly perfect weather on saturday for that. if you are into the fall season an apple festival could be cool weather i think. maybe. we have got ourselves cool weather on the way but it's muggy this morning 67 in darlington. and darlington right there by the conowingo dam. no rain showing up. same foresees i will and har forecounty. going out to the beltway we have been watching this shower pass to the northwest of the beltway. and actually northwest of 795. and we will take you back further and highlight the rain locked in from frederick to hagerstown. interstate 70 and toward 81 you will get a little damp. isolated showers to the west. but definitely that damp muggy sticky feel is still in the air and we can't shake it today. we are up to 806789 more widespread showers and storms expected later today through tonight. at 5:40 let's see if there's something sweet on the road
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with tanya. >> reporter: 295 southbound at 198 in laurel we have a report of a broken down car. so just be careful as you pass. no lane information at this time. let's look live at the beltway. and let's see how things are moving along. not bad. 695 at old court road just south of 795, most of our volume right now is on the outer loop moving away from the camera. 695 at harrisburg egg pressway top side is moving well. outer loop has traffic to the left of the screen. but no accidents report on the beltway. we are doing fine with drive times 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minutes and 6 minutes on 95 southbound from white marsh to the beltway. and bel air to providence 6 minutes and 795 to 70 on the outer hoop 7 minutes. charley. controversial bake sale planned for the university of california berkeley has republicans in hot water. the sale feature a sliding care where the price depends on
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gender or skin color. white men pay the most and native american men the least. all women discount organizers say it is in response to pending litigation in california that universities will consider race or national origin during the admissions process. >> it is stirring emotion and that's what we want but we don't want people think we are making fun of racial issues because that's not the message. >> in response to the controversial bake sale another organization is going to have a simultaneous conscious cupcakes as counter measurement. no charge for the baked goods. a fun raising event in the house of blues in los angeles. that's where president obama's speech was interrupted by a heckler. we will tell you what he shouted and how the crowd reacted ahead. plus... maryland's amber alert is about to go through changes. where the information about a missing child will now be shared. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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now "good morning maryland." maryland's amber alert system is go to get on upgrade.
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amber alerts gets the word out about missing or abducted children and linda so is here with where you will find information and how it is being shared. >> reporter: we see the information post on digital billboards along the highway. but now the maryland lottery will also get in on it. amber alerts will be posted on lottery monitors across the state. the information will be sharedwithin minutes of a notification. the maryland lottery will use all of its 17 inch flat panel monitors located at 4200 retailers across the state. it's a joint effort with maryland state police to get the word out more quickly about a missing or abducted child. later this morning at so:30, the -- 10:30 the maryland lottery director and state police will make the announcement. linda so, abc2 news. president obama's speech to a crowd in the house of blues monday night was briefly interrupted by a heckler. listen. my want to. >> god is the one and only true
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living god the creator of heaven and the universe. >> four more years. four more years. >> all right in case you couldn't understand what he was saying he said "jesus christ is god and then called president obama the antichrist. the man's outburst was met with boos from the crowd and chantsalmost immediate four more years. man was removed by security. michael jackson's dr. goes on trial in los angeles today. more than two years after the popeye con's death. conrad murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. the jury is expected to hear witness testimony and opening statements. michael jackson died from an overdose of proal propofol combined with other drugs. sleeping aid is used in hospitals as aesthetic for surgery. prosecution will argue the doctor murray administered the dose and defense is expected to zero in on jackson's health. >> we have a good case. i am optimistic about the quality of our case.
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optimistic about what is going to happen and hopeful. >> if convicted he could go to prison for four years. today the basketball court will be unveiled in federal hill which is was supposed to happen last thursday but was postponed until today. under armour updated the court. the court has a brand new rubberized surface with the under armour logion and baltimore state flag and it will have a premium nba regulation hoop and it will be unveiled the ribbon cutting celebration happening this afternoon around 4:00. today, 200 lucky kids will learn the funt mendals of football from guys who may know about it, the ravens. this is part of the football clinic in honor of worldwide day of play. they will learn the skills and in conjunction with the
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hispanic heritage month so kids ages 5 to 11 will be freedom nptly hispanic. the kids will play alongside players including chris carr and leech. the event is scheduled for 4 to 6 this afternoon. 5:48. and al wild card collapse is complete. red sox have boston -- [audio not understandable] two games remaining until the season's end. o's won 6-3 last night and other producer was there for a little piece of history. the first orioles player to hit an inside the park home run at camden yard. i believe this is it. catch, wall ball drop and then he never stops running. round bases and first oriole to do it at camden yards. game 2 tonight 7:05 baltimore wraps up the season wednesday. a reminder now, boston in tie for the al wild card with the tampa bay rays.
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justin. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 5:49. i want to look at the wide view here. from a different perspective. we have been watching this storm. i put up an image yesterday. does it look like a comma? either way it is swirling around the upper midwest and great lakes. but there's tropical moisture here. one feeder wrapping into the storm itself and then we have the subtropical jet stream. let's put it in motion. what i find most concerning is the moisture here. now does it get pushed out to sea or does it wrap up to the north? what i think might happen although this band may work its way out into the atlantic is we may tap into the atlantic moisture and catch up with the feeder and wrapping in towards the low. that's important because as this low finally loses its way off toward the east, and gets out of here by the weekend, we have to get through the transition of moisture. and i want you to take this with a grain of salt.
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this is the inhod computer model one of many we look at and there's the wide variation of how it will play off. some keeping us dry and some keeping the storms nearby and i think we have to lean more towards thunderstorms this afternoon. but i wanted to point out that particular band. watch what happened to the atlantic feed and pull the moisture back into the low and it look like it is on top us for tomorrow afternoon. and we could have locally heavy downpour was potential flooding tomorrow. we will keep that chance of showers as we slowly ease up on the pattern towards end of the week and cool things down. we will get up to 80 today a warm humid day developing showers to the west this morning. more this afternoon. showers and storms possible to redevelop overnight at 67. and 81 could do it tomorrow. we could have local flooding in and downpours. 70s sliding back thursday and friday. 62 saturday turning mostly cloudy with an afternoon shower as we clear it out i think we could have frost nearby. and rest of us 40s sunday night and monday morning. tanya. >> reporter: we do have a
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broken down car 295 southbound at 198. that is now cleared out of the way. so not causing any problems. let's look at our live traffic cameras starting out on 95 south of 100. we have volume in both directions but no issues to report. traffic is moving well with everybody at speed. jfx at northern parkway volume in both directions here as well. no incidents on your way downtown. all of your lanes are opened. charley. well, most people complain about the price of a prescription drugs and ahead, what a survey reveals about where people would cut back to pay for the prescriptions. pay attention to that in a bit. plus, they are going to be rallies across the u.s. today. what group is trying to do to save the u.s. postal service and what they say need to be done to save the post office. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. back in a bit.
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five things to know on this tuesday morning. president obama travels to denver to visit abraham lincoln high school highlighting the american jobs act and proposal of putting workers back to job and modernizing schools acruets
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u.s. the act remains the focus of heated debate in congress. and postal workers and supporters will rally supporting a bill they say will save the u.s. postal service from financial ruin. the postal workers group say much of the problems for the u.s. post office comes from a 2006 mandate and says the u.s. postal service had to change the way they handled retirement benefits and has nothing to do with the internet. and 48% of the americans taking prescription meds would cut health cost by putting off doctor's visits and medical procedures or ordering cheaper drugs. that's finding of a consumer report survey regarding prescription drug use by patients spending. 787 dream liner will be delivered to the customers. ceremony is taking place in washington and plane will be departing for japan. after three years of delays and billions of dollars, the aircraft team is excited to see it take off. between the botched snap
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and fumbles a commodity of errors for monday night football. cowboys and redskins on espn. dallas didn't score a single touchdown on the night but pulled out the 18-16 win on the dan bailey field goal with more than a minute remaining in regulation. it's been the latest request before going to the death chairman bare final meal. now officials will see the busiest death chamber says the practice will stop. what one inmate called for that law makers are calling ridiculous. cleanup efforts for residents in north carolina after a storm rolled through that area. and did some coaches cross the line when they bowed their heads before a football game. we will look at that coming up. you are watching "good morning maryland" latest news, weather and traffic on your tuesday morning.
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